Are You Productive…or Just Busy?

Take a deep breath, take another one, now answer the following question about your business. Do you WANT to be successful, or do you have a precise plan to BE successful? Are you working on the right things in the right way?

Most people want to work out and be healthy, many go to the gym, only a select few look like sculptures. Do you run or do you RUN? Do you lift weights or do you LIFT WEIGHTS? While your business may be working hard, are you truly focused on being successful? Busy or productive?

Data suggests most are simply very busy. The rules of engagement have clearly changed! Moving forward as we emerge from very difficult times, strategy, focus, communication and crisp execution will separate and clearly define the winners from the losers. The focused and productive companies that are currently growing market share and increasing EBITDA, free cash flow, working capital, and profit per employee are likely utilizing methodologies and concepts that are consistent with HOSHIN KANRI.

Hoshin Kanri is a strategic planning and management methodology that focuses on a shared goal, communicates that goal to all corporate or organizational leaders, involves all those leaders in planning to achieve the goal, and finally holds all team members ACCOUNTABLE for achieving their part of the plan. The current market conditions have clearly demonstrated that companies cannot save their way to success. You need to change HOW you do business and adopting the HOSHIN KANRI way is a great comprehensive approach to fundamentally change the way you do business and increase control of your company’s performance.

Hoshin Kanri can help you improve your productivity and increase your bottom line.

About The Author

Michael Giuliano, Managing Partner, certifiedlean® Michael is a Lean Subject Matter Expert, business owner, educator, and author. He is an active Board Member for several firms across the United States. Michael’s key areas of focus include hoshin kanri, lean organizational strategy, lean for unions, product life-cycle programs, concept to launch / rapid prototyping, collaboration, learning, and curriculum development.


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